Friday, February 27, 2009


This blog was born on this day.
And I love it so much. I cherish every comment, every picture I use, and every post.
I'm never letting this go.
End of story.
Today my readers, I realized something. I have been inspired. I have been inspired to focus on my dreams. I want to concentrate on them and keep a close watch. Through Jesus Christ, all things are possible. Through Him, my dreams will come true. The dream that my heart is yearning for so hungrily, is cheerleading. Cheerleading has always been my dream. I'm cheering now at a gym, but I want to get a little more serious. School squad and all-star. I'm going to make this happen. Nothing and NO ONE is going to stop me. I'm going to have to make some major sacrifices though, considering the fact that there isn't any money laying around. I'm going to talk to my dad. I love him so much, my readers. He doesn't give the family a lot of attention, because he's a workaholic. But ,I still hold him very near and dear to my heart. He makes time to listen when I need to talk. Insteading of having that unnecessary sweet sixteen party, I'm going to use that money for extra cheer training. Believe in me and keep me in your prayers.

Focus on your dreams. And through Jesus Christ, ANYTHING is possible. <3

By the way...
I made a gmail account just for you, my readers. If you would like advice, daily Bible verses, or just someone to talk

I'm looking forward to those messages. :) Please email me. LOL.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Run home, baby. Your heart is ready.

Dear Self,
Babe, you're going home Friday. Aren't you excited? This time, it's going to be better for sure. You'll come back a whole new person... again.
Your life depends on this retreat, babe. && all your dreams will come true with God by your side. But don't forget the first time you finally let God's love come in. All those blessings, all that joy and celebration. Yeah, you found peace. Yeah, you found love. Guess what, Rose? It's going to happen again. Covecrest is your home. You belong there. The stars are dancing in the sky as we speak. Oh yes, those stars you adore. They will be there watching you while singing the praises of the Lord. And you will have a beautiful smile on your face, dancing with Jesus under the moonlight.
Smile, babe. 'Cause you're going home.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

If my heart says so

"You young ladies should be the dream catch for any man worth having. Beauty, brains, standards... you should be a gift to any guy. Choose one that take care of the present you are. You may come up against quite a few knuckleheads up here on campus, but believe me, there is a man made just for you. Payton, I know your mom was just for me, and I did everything I could to catch her.With all the fast girls running behind me, your mom refused to chase me or any other man.I knew with her, I had to come correct. She was on many guys' lists. That was because she wasn't laying down with no man she wasn't married to. All my friends wanted to be the guy that got her in the end. She was a confident brown fox, and I just had to have her. As the story went, I won her heart. Girls, don't settle for less than what you know in your heart is the very best man."

-'The Sweetest Gift' by Stephanie Perry Moore

Listen to your heart and don't give it away so quickly. Not everyone deserves a piece. Keep your eyes open and true and let God lead the way. I remember saying this over summer on here: "Guard your body and shield your heart, because anyone can just take it apart."

Friday, February 13, 2009

Sweetest 16

Sadie Hawkins. The group. :)

Caroline(sis) and me. Sadie Hawkins.
My birthday dinner at my favorite restaurant, Macaroni Grill!

My favorite! Me and Caroline!. :)

My birthday was lovely. I had cheerleading and absolutely no homework. My friends made signs and people wished me 'happy birthday' all day. On facebook, I got tons. Even my old boyfriend sent me a happy birthday wish. He's sweet. Then about two days after, there was the Sadie Hawkins dance. I had a lovely Sadie/birthday dinner with my friends on that day and we took a lot of pictures. Unfortunately, the dance was horrible. The music was a mess, and the whole thing really was a waste of time and money. Anyway, that is all for now. :) Valentine's day tomorrow. And, I hate it. I have never disliked it so much till this year. i use to like this day a whole lot! That's pretty ridiculous, considering the fact I'm a total romantic. I just wish the day will pass quickly or I can just skip the day or something. I will post. <3

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Smile, because you're beautiful.

Your smile is beautiful, my girls.
And you're so lovely.
Smile. :)
Just do it.
Go to the mirror- right now. And whisper to yourself, "God made me. I am beautiful. I deserve good things, happy things, and sweet things just like everyone else."
Okay, you can come back now. :)
This is the month of love.
Actually, every day and every month should be about love. Love is all we truthfully and sometimes secretly yearn for the most. I noticed how my biology teacher (as sexist as she is. goodness. drives me mad.) hand held the absence of a ring. She is aged and bitter, and believes that men are simply 'bad apples' on the tree. My teacher wants love. I wouldn't be able to bare life without a man in my life.I'm generally a happy person. I can be quite energetic. Pep rallies, at cheer practice, and at games, oh yes I scream. :) In the mornings especially, I'm jamming to my ipod and speak way too loudly for my own good. I try not to get too upset or angry to the point it brings down my whole world. And laughter is my best friend. I am always laughing.

Several times, people (particularly Caroline, my sister) get irritated by it. "Rose, shut up!" Caroline would growl. My dad use to defend a lot at home. "Just leave her alone, He would say. "She's a happy kid." This past weekend I also learned that smiling at strangers can brighten up someone's day as well as your own! At the gym last Saturday, a cute boy looked back twice at me as I was walking the opposite direction. I caught his eyes and I plucked up the courage to beam at him. The boy smiled back at me and I promise you, I felt my heart flutter with exhilaration. Exchanging looks and smiles with a cute stranger is a sweet thing. :) And the funny thing is, I saw him again just yesterday at the gym! He acknowledged my presence, but I was too bashful to smile again. I also learned that complimenting strangers as well can do wonders to your day, as well as that particular person you're complimenting. While I was on my way to the hair ribbons aisle at Wal-Mart, I saw a girl and her blonde hair was in perfect wavy curls.

My, her hair was gorgeous. I just had to say something. The girl looked about my age, and she was busy picking out some food items from a rack. " I love your hair!" I squealed, grinning from ear to ear. The girl turned around and gave me the most beautiful smile. She was a very pretty girl. "My hair?! She gasped, pleasantly shocked. She giggled. "Aw thank you!" Try it, my readers. This works beautifully. Happiness is lovely and I am feeling crazy happy at this moment for no reason at all. Perhaps it's my light homework and I have a chance to go the gym. Or, that I'm feeling lucky and I'm entering a bunch of random contests to win free stuff. No it's not of that at all. It's the Lord that blesses me with happiness that leaves me breathless.Yep, it's Him. All Him. Although, I feel as if my academic and cheer life is slowly drifting me away from God. I'm just so busy nowadays. My prayers are just quick words of Thanks, God!' and I haven't written to Him for over a week. I have time tonight. I have to make time for my Father.

My 16th birthday is on Thursday!!!