Thursday, January 15, 2015


New year fetches new company- good and bad. As I am strolling along this month, gearing into school mode,  I watch my surroundings. Peering within them and soaking up every ounce of it. 
I have observed a lot of sorrow this month. From long term relationships, to deaths, bonds are breaking. I am not discouraged. I believe God's voice is translated into stories that make up our personal lives. Everything truly does happen for a reason, and it happens in a certain season. Life is a beautiful gift. This is the year when I graduate from college. As I prepare myself spiritually and emotionally for this new journey, I know what God has in store for me is good. I am not afraid of challenges. Strive to grow from difficult times. That's when we know how strong we are. Life can be a whirlpool but when we hang onto our faith and our loved ones, we cannot drown. Adorn yourself with positive vibes.  We hear, "Life is far too short," on the daily, but do we really drink up this words and let them travel to our soul? What good does it do for us to wallow in what we do not have instead of what we can achieve for? The only contest I signed up for is to become the best version of "Me." And I'm the only contestant. I am filled with joy knowing with patience and support, my life is mine. How freeing it is to not give the slightest inkling of what others think! 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Love Letters Part 2

When you fall in love, heartbeats become telepathy and conversations recites diaries. 
I watch you. The way you speak to me vibrates in my soul, like violin strings-vibrato. Pulsating affection only the soul can yearn for. Trampled in a daze we were sitting in a restaurant with dimmed lights and hushed happiness. I felt your eyes on me, but I could hear the sparkle in your smile when you whispered, "I love you." The emotions that you declared to me set my heart on fire. So delicate that only God will know. You are perfect to me. Everything about you is authored by the Heavenly Father. Your kindness, your hilarity, your mind are my daily doses of inspiration and clarity. I am mesmerized into a fantasy of you. 
4 years ago.
I dialed your number and knew you were mine, and I was yours. Strong, handsome, sweet you. On New Years Day, we sat across from each other. Instantaneously I praised, I see Jesus in your eyes. And you caught me by surprise, smiling through my tears. At times, I cannot stand it when you reprimand me. Still, I cling onto your every word. In the heat of the moment, sass can reek from my tongue, but I silently honor your name.
Mighty you. Funny you. Your dreams are pieces of my very own. Two become one, pieces to puzzle.The way your face glows when you crack a joke, head bobbing to the music that blares in your car, I watch as you move and I see something in you. I have witnessed every emotion that has escaped from your soul.  Every triumph and very struggle, I'm in this. With you.
Your body. My eyes draw to the strength of your back. Engraved with muscles and full of strength. Your lips, your lips, your laugh... better than the sweetest ice cream sundae, I melt into you. I am not ashamed to say that I need you, because I do. I belong to you. Time has withered into breathless intimacy, something that has literally transformed every inkling of our being. I am in love with the way you sleep. The peace that emulates from your soul is contagious.  Every second you are on my mind. You drive me crazy immensely, but I am in love with how you delved into my life like a miracle. I treasure the goodness that is sewed into your heart. It is a garden- so beautiful that nothing dark, tainted, or sorrowful could  ever obliterate it. You bare the cape of superman and I am blinded in awe by the man that you are.

Thursday, January 1, 2015


My Soul Cleansers for 2015
1. Strengthen my relationship with God. Sleepy prayers are not good enough. There are days when I feel so far. But who moved? Me. I need sit down at His feet, pour my heart over His word and allow it to wreck my soul. I need a wakeup call.
2. Publish my first book. A dream that will finally transform entire world
3. Obtain the abdominal I desire. By tweaking my diet a bit further and continuing my hard work in the gym, I know I will accomplish this goal. Our bodies are temples from God. I want to achieve my highest form of health.
4.Stop fearing the "What are your post graduation plans?" and reply with confidence that the unknown is bound to happen.
5.Detox from negative thoughts daily. Write them down and toss them into the trash can.
6. Win my dream title. Details to come.
7. Never neglect this blog.

Happy 2015.