Wednesday, October 13, 2010

You're throwing away your youth

He was taking sip after sip and his eyes gave off a funny glow.
Girls on the floor, laughing hysterically,breathless and losing their place.
No music playing expect for the voices,shouts, and screams of the drunken folks.
These kids dare to take their keys and head off into the streets, past curfew and taking a chance.
And here I am, just watching.
I think. "Is this how they do it? Just drink, past out, and do it again the next night and the night after that?"
Boy sweet talking girl in the corner. Her face blushing with flattery, the boy's voice full of lies and insincerity.
Dangerous. I watch his claws crawl up to her neck, drawing her close.
They drink because it makes them lose control. Alcohol literally drowns down the pain and clogs the soul with false happiness. Why do our minds search for something less fullfilling, giving into the lies of our society?
Because, it's easy. It's much too simple to be drawn into those falsehoods. They show up on billboards, magazines,the internet...everywhere.
We can't plaster our hearts onto that. It hurts too much.
"I want you to wake up and see Christ shining through your window, to find the answer of how the wind blows, to hear your favorite song on the radio, and to feel right at home."