Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Wishes


Wishing  all of my rose petals a Happy Easter. What a beautiful life God has granted us because Jesus died for a sins and rose from the dead! God can make the scariest things brand new and whole again. But, we have to let go. God gives us the choice to do so. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April, my dear

I have the desire to travel the unknown. 
To stick my head above the clouds and wrap my sense of environment to an adventurous abyss. I was not created to sit in one place, drink the same cup of tea immensely. See the same things, the same crowd.
No. I have a heart of a nomad. I day dream of sinking my teeth into the freshest of fruits, soaking  my ears to the beat of a drum, and swim in a sea full of different people. I am feeling very happy today because I know there is something for me out there. Who knows what is it.
Is it wrapped in gold, the color blaring in my face so harshly that I can barely see it? What is my purpose?   At nigh,t I pray underneath the stars, my rosary neatly decorated in between fingers as I whisper my deepest thoughts to the Lord.Why do my ambitions keep changing? Because I am growing, molding my womanhood from how I experience every situation and cherish every laugh. My life is recorded by memories. Some pleasant, soft, harsh, dark, sweet... the list goes on. In May, I will finally have the freedom to experience what? A new career? A crown? Progress? The beauty of life is that we do not know what tomorrow brings. That is so beautiful to me that I am scared, so scared that I always forget this. April, my dear. You're here. I am dancing in a life where my peers are saying," I do," and where we are anxiously dreaming of the day to walk across the stage, have a stunning salary, and call ourselves by our successes and failures. Growing up is so odd to me. I am still peacefully(not always ha!) sleeping under my parents' house but I am not under the wing. See, I rely on them for quite a lot in my life because I am in no hurry to pack my bags. I am waiting. I am waiting for the day opportunity and hard work allows me to leave. At 22, I still have growing to do. There are many things that I am surrounded by that puzzle me. So, I wait. I learn. And listen well.