Friday, May 30, 2008

I'm baaack!!

I can explain.
Please don't be cross with me.
I would of-I could of updated a week ago but school just got out and I was hanging out with Callie as soon as we finished our last exam and we had a sweet sixteen to go to. I was so tired when I got home and other than that, I've been kind of lazy about blogging. Hardly anyone gets on and summer has been a complete bore for me... unfortunately. Actually towards the end of school, things did happen... well not really. "The boy" partically asked me out and my immediate response was,"Uh...uh...uh." Can you blame me? He asked me to accompany him at a football game-in front of EVERYBODY. My friends were laughing and Matt give the boy a quizzical look. Anyway, that was weeks ago. "The boy" can actually be really, really, sweet. He's always commenting on my smile. I really don't see what's fascinating about my smile. Apparently, my mom and my little sister thinks so too. "Close your mouth." My mom would snap, when she's taking pictures of me. Hahah whatever. My teeth are nice so, I really don't see the problem. ANYWAY....

I really hope this summer will bring something new. I haven't really done anything exciting. I signed up for cheer camp and cheer classes and I'm now in training. My goal is to tone up and get into shape. Iactually need to gain weight but, my metabolism is super fast. Ah well... I'm still glad that school is out. My freshmen year went by waay tooo fast. It really did. I don't want to be a sopohmore. I heard that's when a lot of the real high school drama happens. Oh joy. Like I didn't have enough freshmen year.(roll eyes) I'm devoting half of my summer to my friends because I love them so much. I really do. I miss them already! Mel, Lexi, and Evan are like my sisters. Best friends from the start.
Isn't that a cute picture?

Monday, May 5, 2008

Good day, good day.

Beautiful Monday!!!! I'm really tired but I felt like updating. Exams are coming soon, so I won't be back till May 23. Hahah sorry. I'll probably won't update after the 23rd, actcually. I got invited to a lot of summer parties and graduationsand I'm really looking forward to all of them. Especially Jennifer's Quinceanera! Anyway, the youth group party was "okay." It wasn't the best. Last year's was much better but hey, you've got to try something different right? I got to see some of my youth group buddies, including the extremely cute Josh Howell. Other than that, there's nothing else left to say. Oh yeah, Happy Cinco De Mayo!

See ya Strangers. <3>

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Hey! Happy Sunday.

Easy going day, I guess. I studied for my computer and science exams (ugh. coming in three weeks. oh joy.) and unfortunately, I can't make it to mass today.(For the readers who are not Catholic, what I mean by "mass" is church service) My youth group is having an end of the year party this evening and I'm looking forward to that.
I had a lot of fun last night, actually. My aunt had a naming ceremony for her son and I reunited with some of my old friends. It was nice.

More to discuss later. Keep the comments rollin'. <3

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Natural Beauty Part One

Girls and woman alike are vain. We want to be admired not only for our minds, but for our beauty. We use make-up and approval from our male peers to define our beauty. But, discovering REAL beauty starts from within. Here is Vanessa Hudgens's view on natural beauty:

"I grew up in the business, so I was used to putting on makeup every day," says the 19-year-old star of the High School Musical movies, who went without makeup for her PEOPLE photo shoot. "Just recently I've learned to be okay with myself without wearing makeup. I think it was a special someone telling me that I didn't need it. I started taking care of my skin and realized I didn't need as much as I thought I did."

(The hidden quotes in the paragraph inspired me to thrive for natural beauty. I read this in the PEOPLE magazine last night at Wal-Mart. Vanessa 's view on natural beauty has inspired me to put the make-up aside and embrace the beauty alone. I am now going to make an effort to take care of my skin and define what true beauty is.)

*Pic from PEOPLE photo shoot. Doesn't Vanessa look so beautiful? This is the most beautiful picture of her I have ever seen.*

Friday, May 2, 2008

I'm Back, Stranger <3

Hey! It's been awhile...
Due to my lack of updating, I've been concentrating on a few things:My faith, education, and my summer plans. Also, I've been terribly lazy. Lol! Oh, man a lot of crap has been going on actually and I REALLY don't feel like spilling all of my horrible ordeals on the internet. I've been struggling with a lot of things but for quite sometime, my faith has strengthen. ( I will talk about that later) Anyway, I had a pretty tough week. It wasn't my best... but whatever. It's the weekend. Exams are coming up soon. Yikes!! Gosh, I loath those scantrons.

I've had a long day. I'm very tired but I am also very hungry. Hmmm... that doesn't work too well.
Good night!