Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby!

Happy Birthday blog!
This blog has brought me such joy in the past two years. Seriously. I would not have met so many wonderful readers, including a soul sister. Although my posts have somewhat ceased, I do hope that I have some loyal readers around. I don't receive a lot of comments anymore. I guess it's quite annoying to visit a blog that hardly updates. Sorry, loves. I'm a junior in highschool and a cheerleader. School takes ample amount of time and cheerleading takes the time that I don't have. It's totally insane. Anyway, I'm spending the weekend at my cousin's dorm at the University of Georgia, and I'm having a blast! I absolutely love college and the boys are extremely attractive as well!

Thursday, February 25, 2010


And so..
Life goes on.
Junior year has been the worst year of my life. From extreme(and I mean, extreme) school stress to family, my life has been horrendously and bitterly unlucky. Things are slightly getting better now. Cheerleading is finally over and I get to study more, rest, and of course write to you, my readers.
I've missed you dearly.
I promise I will blog more starting next week. I cannot wait for the summer. I will be free- well, not really. College applications, great fun. I'm applying to Emory and Georgia Tech so far. I already have my academic plan all. I am going to major in psychology, minor in Spanish(such a beautiful language. I adore learning and speaking it so much) and go onto law school, and print model part time. I want to make something out of myself. I refuse to back out and settle for the "less and easy." God and school are my main focus. Especially God. He never ever lets me down.

It's Lent and I have given up eating meat until Easter. It's been so very, very, difficult. By the way,Micah and I are not dating. People began to talk and ask me and my friends if I were dating Micah. It was quite irritating. Some of the girls even began to make fun of me, because I was having a "thing" (Yeah... not really) with Micah. Too make a long story short, Micah became very clingy and obsessive.I can't deal with that,I have no patience for clingy guys. Naturally, I love space. A boy doesn't have to call me and text me at very blessed hour. Micah is a wonderful friend to have, though. I can't lose that. Micah has had a rough time, and he really doesn't have any friends. He told me that I'm really the only person he can talk to.

I value friendships too much. But the boy kept treating me as if I were his girlfriend and I had to confront him about this demeanor.I don't like to put people done like that(especially when romantic feelings are involved in some way) but it had to be done. I'm so sick of these stupid flings and such. Seriously, let's just be friends. Friendship is one of the most precious gifts on earth. Many people underestimate it's powerful warmth and glow. Besides, love is and will always be a fail for me. I just can't seem to get it right. But that's quite alright. I don't need it and I don't care. I have ample amount of time for that. Speaking of friendship, one of my bestfriends, Zach Knight and I have been getting really close to each other lately. We've known each other since we're 12 and now we're 17. It's a lovely story and I MUST tell you all later.

Brody is talking to me again. Isn't that funny? I wonder what he wants. He hasn't spoken to me in three months and just about two weeks ago, he starts texting me like it's no big deal. "What up, Rose it's been a long time."

My blog anniversary is on Saturday. Two years!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

17 Confessions

I celebrated my 17th birthday on a rainy day, Feburary 5.
It was such a lovely day.
When I opened my locker, I was immediately greeted by a dozen pure white roses, a ballon, and a card from Micah. I couldn't thank him enough. As he watched my face glow, he gazed at me with longing eyes. "I'm so glad you love them, Rose. I know those are your favorite flowers. I bought a dozen,you see? It took the florist two weeks to find them." I was utterly amazed and thoroughly flattered. White roses are the flowers of the Virign Mary and they signify purity. That is my reason why I adore them so much. The girls who were around all cooed and gasped when they saw me cradle the bouquet in my arms. "Micah! One of them shrilled. "Did you get those for her? Aww you're so sweet!" A couple of girls approached me in the hallways and asked if Micah and I we were dating. I laughed and repiled with an innocent, "no." In Church History class, Savanna raised her eyebrows and said,"He loves you, Rose. Seriously. Like, oh my gosh, a dozen freaken roses?! Let me read the card."
Happy 17th Birthday, Rose.
You have no idea how much I value the deep connection that we have, nor how much it is a blessing to me.The best is yet to come!
P.S- Can't wait for the monastery!
I read his message three times, staring at his boyish cursive. I was thrilled and feel so special. A guy has never, ever, made such an effort for me. Micah had arrived to school very early to put the roses in my locker. He wanted to get there before I did.
After school, he was waiting by my locker. We hugged again and as usual he departed with a smile saying, "I'll call you later."
My girls took me out for dinner and a movie for my birthday.(Dear John was quite disappointing I must say...) It was so much fun. We drove around blasting Boys Like Girls, Cobra Starship, and Lady Gaga. I love my friends with all of my heart. We really needed that g.n.o. After our night out, I arrived home around eleven and I put my roses in a vase. My mother was quite pleased. "Aw how sweet, she cooed. Wow, some adults don't even do this. Does he have a job?"
"No, I laughed. "This was probably quite expensive. I mean, white roses don't even bloom at this time of year. " My mother chuckled. "Go and show your father." I smiled and proceeded to his office. My dad was taken aback. "What?! Who's the boy?!"
Oh fathers... :)
I received a lot of phone messages, including one from Hunter. It was very sweet."Hey Rose, this is Hunter. Anyway, I was justing calling to wish you a Happy Birthday, and I hope you have a great one. I wish I can see you to wish you a real one, but the best I can do is call you. You know I love you and you can call me anytime."
I love being seventeen already. I feel like so many brand new happy things are coming along.
I feel so disconnected from this blog. I'm sorry my posts have been minimal and boring. I've just been so incredibly busy this semester. I don't even get sleep on the weekends. Oh and how's very dissatified with the Super Bowl this year? I AM FOR SURE. Number one, the Colts deserved the win much for then the Saints.(Who dat? Wow... seriously. That's obnoxious ha) and number two, the commericals were absolutely terrible! Anyway, back to the sleep deprivation schedule.. oh Mondays.
Why do we make our lives so dull sometimes?