Friday, February 29, 2008

The White Roses are Falling

The White Roses are falling. They are trailing, drowning, and dying. They were pure once. Fully blossomed in Christ's eyes with their bodies protected sacredly. Now those white roses are vanishing each second we dare to take a a breath. The petals withering into a black hole of nothingness, the stems crushed. The roses are feeling empty and deceived. Every story is the quite the same. Someone robbed you from your innocence. The innocence you once felt on cling onto so dearly. It's not your fault but the pain you feel leave emotional wounds on your skin. Or someone said they loved you, and all you crave is that love. You want to feel that love burning till you cannot feel anything but that desire in your soul. You take that chance.

So, you say that you will wait for that one person who would love deeply that it nearly suffocates you, that one person that will lead to heaven and closer to Christ. But you don't. You girls go ahead and reveal your body to a boy who you hardly know, you boys touch that girl as if she is your own. Now, you two are broken. Your hearts pound with self hatred and emotional despair. Regret rages through your soul and you are left... empty. You feel so empty that you cannot look into a man's eyes with pure love. You are feeling so empty because you didn't save your body for the only woman you would ever honor for. Your virginity is lost.

The White roses are dying.

All a girl desires are praises for her charm. Her intelligence, her beauty. She wants to expose her flesh so she can get the male attention she deserves. "Just a little cleavage, just little more skin so he can notice me." Just little twists into excess, excess leads to betrayal. All a boy wants is approval from woman. He works for those biceps, he works for that body. "She will like me now. She'll want me now." In this impure world, woman judge other woman. We gossip and make ridicule, we are critical with our own bodies. You woman and young girls who dress provocatively, so men can gaze at you with admiring glances. You give them pleasure when they demand it. You girls, you woman who tempt these male creatures.You make male approval your main focus and you never receive it. Ah, young boys who dream of that six pack, positioning themselves to unrealistic fantasies. You want to be a man. The pain you feel, those tears you shed, you hide them from the world. Fathers alike hiss to their sons to,"Man up." You want to be real man so you keep those emotions a secret because society won't take you. You men, you boys who let their hormones control them- they let them grab a hold of you. They rob girls with rape, they pressure that girl... till it gets too far.

The white roses are falling. The white roses are drowning. Purity is what Christ wants for all of us. He wants us to save our bodies because they are so sacred. Do not take sex from the sacrament marriage. Save your body. You must keep it covered, so on that wedding day you can give your spouse-to-be the most beautiful and the most.sacred gift you can hand over. Your body. In this impure world we call home, purity is said to be "out of style, " that being a virgin and is simply not, "cool." Those liars, those scums who preach you such nonsense. Don't listen to the false ones. Shut out your ears from those lies and listen to Christ. Save your body.

What is a white rose, you ask? YOU figure that out.

Friday. Praise the Lord!

Wow, this week went by fast! It was very stressful. I had tons of work and my teachers were being a lot more strict then usual. I passed my algebra test :) and aced my science. Not a lot happened this week. My life is pretty much boring. Lol. I went to confession on Tuesday and today. Only God can make me feel good. In this world, I feel soiled and spoilt with sin. Bitter with wrath, while my heart twists into mixed emotions. My day started off well and ended horribly. Gosh. What a crappy week. I'm definitely not on cloud nine today. My emotions are actually quite comical. One moment, I'm feeling blissful, and then the next, my self esteem takes a nasty dive and sinks into a storm. Today, I feel as if I'm an idiot that can't figure anything out. Thoughts such as, "I'm not smart enough. I bore no sense of intelligence that would blow one's mind. I am not beautiful. I am ugly. Who in the world would want me? I am worthless.
I really don't know why I'm feeling so bad.

Maybe because I was literally put on display at my lunch table by Zach commenting on my appearance. At first, I ignored him but he's so unbelievably obnoxious that I started throwing insults back at him. Of course, he was taken aback. He shouldn't. I know how to stand up for myself. It's just that at times, I keep quiet or I walk away.
I felt terrible for being so boorish to Zach and I didn't know how to apologize. Maybe, I'm really not "mean" after all. I believe I can be a very sweet person. Anyway, I really don't care anymore. Ha, you're probably wondering why I sit at near him. Wasn't my choice. I have tons of friends at the lunch table and the poor loser doesn't have any friends because he's so hurtful. Gosh, I'm so sensitive. I hate the fact that I just feel too deeply, that words sink in and melt inside of me more than they should. Anyway...

I am looking forward to this glorious weekend. I hardly have any assignments to complete. :) And, I'll be on here.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Alas, A New Week

It's Monday. :(

Lol, I am really terrible keeping my promises. Again, I apologize for not posting. I got home quite late and I had to make a very important phone call. I will post (I'll try!) "Falling White Roses" and several other different topics this weekend. I have so many things to share with you, my dear strangers. Anyway....

My day at school was nice. I had tons of homework(Grr!!) however, but other than that things went on smoothly.( Some creep in my year finally got the message to back off. Thank God!) Well, actually my day didn't start off too well. I arrived at school just as the bell rang(Thanks to my mother) and I didn't have time to visit my locker to get the materials I needed.
I had to rush after first period to get my things. Luckily, I made it to second period on time. Lunch was quite interesting. One the boys I sit with was getting on my nerves because he was announcing to the whole world that I liked the creep who kept texting me, which is NOT true. That sort of irritated me a bit. Such as shame. I see the creep everywhere. He's a pervert and I don't want anything to do with him. Anyway, the rest of the day was grand. Algebra wasn't too horrible. I shared a few special glances from a certain someone from across the room. It was actually quite nice. Honestly, I really don't mind when people stare at me. It makes me wonder what they're pondering about. And that, I will continue with later. :)

Goodnight! There is sooo much more but it's way past my bedtime. Yikes! It's 11:22 and I have to wake up at 5. Algebra test tomrrow. Oh gosh...

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hey, Strangers!

Happy Sunday. Sorry that I didn't post last night. There are only two computers in the house and well, they were all taken up. Right now, I must go. I'm in church for the rest of the afternoon. So, later this evening I will post.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Power Of Confession

Hmm, how shall I begin this? Gosh, I'm at loss for words. I cannot describe on how powerful confession is. For those who are not Catholic, "confession" is when a catholic confesses his or her sins to a priest. It is meant to relive us from our wrongdoings and sends a message to God that we are truly sorry for our sins. During confession, we also make a vow that we will try not to sin again. In this generation, sin lurks in every corner. It is like a black cloud that constantly hovers over us, crushing us with storms and striking lightning bolts. And that is why, confession is beautiful gift that God granted us.

I attend a Catholic high school in Atlanta, Ga( I will not reveal the name) and confessions are held every Friday at the school's chapel during all lunch periods. During this past week, I unintentionally broke one of my Lenten promises. (Long story)I vowed not to eat chocolate till Easter and... I broke it. Callie, a good friend of mine reminded me of our school's confessions. I made a choice to visit the chapel as soon as my friend had reminded me. Naturally, my heart was thundering in my chest. Confessions always me me tense because, the priest would know my confessions. He would hear every word spoken from my lips. I feared of nasty glares and scoffs but, that would never happen. After all, I was confessing to God, not the priest.

My confession was quick. Normally, I would write down my sins on paper but, yesterday's was unplanned. After the priest dismissed me, I was given my penance and a cool, sweet, breeze of happiness and relief overcame me. The rest of my school day was simply amazing. My classes went on smoothly, I actually had fun in algebra class!( I loath algebra with a heart burning passion) I could actually fill the power of confession. I felt so good!! Not because it was Friday, but I was thankful that I was forgiven for all the sins I committed. I was cleansed with the Holy Spirit and with God's eternal grace. Oh, if only I can go everyday! If only I could go down on my knees every blessed day and confess with my aching heart and soul! I crave this feeling. Praise God!

- Happy Saturday everyone! Off to study. Will be back! <3

Friday, February 22, 2008

Hello, Stranger. <3

Hi. I'm Steffie Rose Valentine. I started this blog for one reason. In life, I disconnect from people. My words are deep. They throw people off balance and all I get is a flippant reply or a bemused glance. When I speak, my peers do not comprehend. Here, I can express myself freely without shame. I cannot see you and you cannot see me. I welcome everyone to comment-my fellow teen writers I am calling for you! I'm going to be around for quite some time. :) There are so many things I would like to share with you, my strangers. Let my words touch you.

More About Me:
Pink is my favorite color
* I am obsessed with hair bows, hair ribbons, and glitter-I tend to be really girly. Lol.
* I love the guitar. And a singing voice.(Which I don't have unfortunately)
* I am Roman Catholic. And proud of it. :)
As the days go on, you will get to know me. I will try to post daily-if school will allow me.
* I LOVE dancing. (I do love parties and school dances but I'm not a party animal.)
And of course, I love to write.

Anyway, I must leave. I'm actually not in the mood to write, surprisingly. Tomrrow, I will post two topics,"The Power of Confession" and "Falling White Roses."