Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Today, I was feeling irritated and angry.
My mother is a micro manager and as usual, I was having difficulty keeping my snappiness to an appropriate level as well as  letting stress take over my lack of organizational skills. I was no happy camper today.
As I was driving home from the gym with aching abs and arms, I reflected on something deep, troubling, and moving. I pondering on how as Christians, we must display a lifestyle that will allow a nonbeliever to stop in their tracks and squeal, " Am I missing out?". Some of my peers call me a radical Catholic. Perhaps, by societal standards. But if accepting someone for who they are and firmly believing the Almighty God is forever merciful, no matter what we do, than I am darn right radical.
  The origin of Christianity comes from the purest form of  love.
Let's act like where we came from. 
I witness Christians embezzling, raping, abandoning, using others, murdering, and abusing God's greatest creation- people.  WHAT are we doing out here? The world is a beautiful tragedy, but in order to fulfill God's will, we have to look into ourselves in the mirror and question  whether or not we are truly soaking up the Gospel or are we soaking up own earthly(and temporary) standards. Perfection is unattainable, but you do not have to be perfect to know how to accept and treat others with the Golden Rule. I am exhausted from the disgusting hate, revenge, and hurtfulness that I read and witness from my brothers and sisters in Christ. I am famished to see us work harder for kindness and truly understand where we come from. God is so good. We can make this change because frankly, there is no other choice that will save your soul. As you lay down to sleep at night, pray that Christians around the world accept others and truly display The crown of Christianity.

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