Monday, February 23, 2015

Love Letters Part 3

I love you. 
Slowly, I watch you transform into the man God calls you to become. Like magic, I'm breathless as I see your smile and your soul work into my life. You have taught me things I  will never forget.
Cherished, buried, locked into my inner being. 
For teaching me what it means to be a family. Green with envy, I cringe and beam as I watch your family so intact, so perfect. You're lucky
And I know one day when you have your own, you will be king of the house, and I your queen. It is incredible how you treasure every being. You're special. Amazing you
Something has come over me. A tide of emotion envelopes me whole whenever you are hurt. I am crazy for you. 
It is beautiful to watch you work. Out in the field of your passion, my heart lights aflame for the joy that you have. It is my dream to have yours come true.
I wake up next to you and I'm engulfed in your embrace. Your peacefulness is so contagious that I feel as one.  Like music, your voice brings me emotion. I can listening to you till the next sunrise. I am in love with the way you discipline yourself. You are a window of hope, I see stars in your eyes. 
My soul goes back to day one, I'm looking into another version of myself.
I've seen every side of you, and it's blurred vision because I still see your deepest soul. Sweet you. Funny you. Strong you. Mad you.  Even in your darkest hour, you still look handsome in the thunderstorm. We talk, we laugh, we smile. Lightening dashes across the sky and you kiss my hand. My soul is on fire full of you. 
The smoothness of your voice is the sweet agave drizzled in my oatmeal. Your  patience swallows me in the warmest of love. I melt into your presence when I feel your eyes on me. I could stay with you forever.
Laughter. We bond over meals and television that seizes every moment and add another page to the diary.
I take care of you. Love makes me feel all of the right things. My heart triumphs to the rhythm of selflessness. After all, we are teammates. I wear your number on my back.
 I am so in terribly, incredibly, and deeply in love with you. I'm intoxicated. I grip onto my stomach as I try to envision life without you. I grow ill.
No one in this life is perfect, but your perfect for me. Dance in this life with me, but don't go too fast. I'm frantic in losing you.
I simply cannot stand leaving you. Driving, rolling my window down and bidding goodbye. It's like leaving home with no security. Telephones can't feel emotion, desire, and longing. What have you done to me, man? I am cast under a spell.
 Distance is a challenge that can sting like a blunt of a sword, but it tastes sweet and breathless when we are close. You are worth more to me than you'll ever know. 
My warrior. 

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